[qodef_section_title position=”left” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”p” text_font_weight=”200″ text=”is my artist name as a musician. I enjoy listening to different genres and also making them. My main focus while I was signed to a record company was to make electronic music with sexy beats for dancing as well as more ambient moods.
Now as an independent, I’m back to multi-genre sound design.
If you need a particular soundscape or music for your brand or product commercials, I create them from scratch: custom made for your needs!
Need music or sound design for your short movie, brand commercials or to boost your social media content?” text_font_size=”20″ title=”GYNDROID”][qodef_section_title position=”left” text_tag=”p” text_font_weight=”200″ text=”YOGA AND MEDITATION Having a background in Yoga (student and teacher), I also make music for yoga and meditation. Scroll down to the last tracks on this page to listen to what I made live for a mindfulness workshop (pre-corona).
Need music or sound design for a guided meditation or a workshop? Get in touch and let’s see where it takes us” text_font_size=”20″]
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