Camilla Wellton

With experience in the world of creative estetics in roles as diverse as owner of my own brands, fashion designer, accessories designer, web designer, video editor, graphic designer, pattern cutter, stylist, team leader, event producer, creative director, content producer, project leader and photographer, my skillset is a result of my personality: i love to to create. And i enjoy doing it within a team structure.

Having an analytical mind, i enjoy to structure my work. Being result oriented, it’s natural for me to always be in learning mode in order to get better results and to deepen my practical understanding.

From idea to finished product, i enjoy to be part of the whole process. I’m used to managing different projects at the same time and yet keep my focus on the end result.

"I'm an energetic problem solver with a can-do attitude"

Yoga and meditation have been my intimate companions since adolescence. I’ve been a student, a teacher, yoga studio owner and have worked for Yogayama, the largest yoga studio, in Sweden in diverse roles. They enhance my cognitive functions, inspire my design process, reducemy stress levels and upgrade my energy output: the practice has made me an energetic problem solver with a positive attitude as well as a people lover.

The skills and work experiences i have put me in a position where i am at my best in startups or growing organizations that need a devoted multiskilled doer with a problem solver-can do attitude.

Be it product design, managing social media channels, creating advertisement banners, updating wordpress websites and webshops, developping still and moving graphics for brand recognition and more.

As a individual, my day to day goal is to create and sustain a positive atmosphere where growth is a given. My long term vision is to establish win-win partnerships with all whom I have dealings, be it work in project form or long term cooperations.